Climate change is one of the major challenges of this century. Since it cannot be fought alone, more than 850 supporters have already decided to support the association one for the planet, which was founded in March 2020. This includes SEMODU, a method provider for modular construction, for which sustainability plays a major role. The group’s many environmental projects include tree planting campaigns to harness their capacity to sequester carbon and thus counteract the greenhouse effect.

Wood also plays a central role for SEMODU – as a building material. On the one hand, it saves large quantities of concrete, the production of which is very CO2-intensive. On the other hand, wood binds large quantities of the harmful greenhouse gas, and the fact that SEMODU returns the same amount of the wood used to reforestation also achieves the same carbon-binding effect as tree planting campaigns. In keeping with this sustainable approach, SEMODU develops concepts that are both as climate-neutral as possible and conserve resources.

With this approach, SEMODU convinced the climate activists. “Living space as well as resources are scarce – we meet this challenge with our sustainable concepts for the future, which create resource-saving real estate that adapts to people’s needs and is combined with intelligent, digital solutions,” says Frank Talmon l’Armée founder and CEO of SEMODU AG.