We develop software for intelligent building management. And much more.

Concept: Our digital concept

Together with our Advisory board member and IT entrepreneur, we are developing a new way of living. The use of technology has already become a natural part of our everyday lives; however, its possibilities are not even close to being exhausted.

How far can devices, connections and physical household equipment be dematerialised? Do we really need a lamp or do we just need light? Do we need a socket or maybe just electricity?

How many costly individual purchases and their often time-consuming installation can you make superfluous by using just one intelligent software?

How can topics such as artificial intelligence and digital transformation make our everyday lives easier?

We deal with questions like these not only to offer our customers maximum living comfort, but also to prove that things can be even smarter.

Whether in the B2B sector or as software for end users, our new operating system for the utilisation of buildings can be used for all applications in buildings, whether for home or for the office.

Team work

Designs: Digitisation right from the start

For us, digital networking is part of our standard of living. Our modules are brought to the construction site fully automatic and fully integrated, which makes complex cable laying and installation on site superfluous. This includes, in particular, the basic technical building component, which is invisibly integrated into the walls from the outside and connects all living areas and rooms.

We are Digital, Smart Home

Digitization simply by means of an App

One aspect is particularly important to us: The digital infrastructure and at the same time the comfort for the users of the buildings. Imagine you have software that can control the whole building by means of a single App. This goes far beyond temperature control, automated blinds or lawn sprinklers. Among other things, we are talking about tables that can be used as hotplates, panes of glass that become opaque at the snap of a finger and digital walls that change their interface with a click, touch or voice control. But our thinking goes even further:

Our customers decide for themselves which and how many of the software functions they actually want to use and can enable and disable them at any time as required. Everything is based on the “Pay-per-use” principle.

With all these versatile features, it is very important for us to protect your privacy at the same time.

Our buildings and building modules are therefore not only ecologically pioneering but are especially also a milestone in the digitisation of buildings.

Copied from nature

We are constantly working on new concepts and only implement the best techniques in our products. For this reason, we work closely with an international company in the field of bionics. As a result of this cooperation, we can incorporate the findings from the field of bionics into our technical building concepts. This is how we achieve the best options for apartments and houses for our customers. This leads to the reduced use of resources, the long service life of the modules, more quality and, in the end, even cost savings.


Living in the future?
This is life!

Tomorrow’s world will become increasingly digital. Everyone knows that by now. But what does this mean for housing and living? We are convinced that smart home is just the beginning and that smart devices will replace more and more “classic” devices and products. Our video shows how this can look.

Living in the future?
And that’s the interview!

Our advisory board Friedhelm A. Schmitt is an expert in digital transformation and an entrepreneur. In the interview, he conveys his perspective on digitalisation and the opportunities and perspectives it opens up for our lives.