• SEMODU AG generates net income of TEUR 40.95 in the first half of 2022.
  • Despite global economic distortions, positive share price development since first listing on the Munich Stock Exchange (+46% – reporting date 29 September 2022, 14:01 CET).
  • SEMODU AG continues to strive to increase the newly acquired project volume in 2022 compared to 2021.

While the Covid-19 pandemic moved more and more into the background, H1 2022 was increasingly overshadowed by the war in Ukraine. The immediate global impact continued to be prolonged supply shortages, a sharp rise in inflation, lower economic growth in the euro zone and turmoil on the financial markets.

“While rising energy costs are leading to massive inflation, they are also resulting in a preference for ESG-compliant neighbourhood developments as well as new buildings that have self-sufficient energy sources,” said Frank Talmon l’Armée, CEO of SEMODU AG, who thus sees the corporate developments as a confirmation of the strategic imperative of sustainability.

Due to SEMODU AG’s business activities with a focus on modular construction, there is a fundamental competitive advantage compared to conventional construction, which could have an increased impact in the environment of the increasingly difficult market. In particular, the reduced use of resources, as well as a lower use of personnel in production can probably lead to cost advantages and strengthen the competitive position of SEMODU AG. At present, the projects of SEMODU AG are each in a project phase, which makes it possible to react to the current market developments in a wait-and-see manner.

Risk management continues to be an integral part of the strategy and all business processes for SEMODU AG. Despite adverse market conditions as well as ongoing (inter)national challenges, SEMODU AG is cautiously optimistic about the future.


You can find more information about SEMODU at https://semodu.com/investor-relations/

Benedict Heidbüchel, LL.M., Head of Investor Relations, SEMODU AG Phone +49 1590 1798 785, [email protected]

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