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Annual congress: Modular building of the future

28. + 29. October 2020 in Leipzig

Prefabricated properties create more!

Modular construction is characterized by speed, flexibility and safety. Three central factors for modern and efficient construction. Whether it’s private homes or functional buildings like hospitals and Corona testing centers, space is at a premium. The annual congress shows that modular construction is a quality answer for the future.

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Invitation to the 4th Building developers breakfast


Serial and modular construction is currently experiencing a renaissance. Today, construction with prefabricated parts and modules is also increasingly represented in the high-quality building segment and has become particularly interesting for the housing industry. Many project participants currently see great opportunities in transferring the serial construction method to the rather small-scale and quality-of-life-oriented housing construction.

The theme of the 4th developer breakfast is precisely this question:

Modular construction – fad or future of residential construction?

The exclusive lecture by Frank Talmon l‘Armée (CEO Semodu AG) and Markus Richthammer (CEO Max Bögl) will highlight opportunities and possible risks, give an outlook on industrial construction and what this means for the housing market of the future.

On Friday, 23. October from 08:30 bto 11:00 a.m. in the Strandhouse Starnberg
Strandbadstraße 17 in 82319 Starnberg (

Please register by e-mail to (limited number of participants).