Building a Sustainable Future Through Modular Construction

Munich, Germany / Abidjan, Ivory Coast – 14.03.2024 – In an unprecedented initiative, the Ivory Coast has invited SEMODU AG, a pioneer in the modular construction industry, for a series of talks that have the potential to change the landscape of the construction industry in West Africa. This initiative underscores the commitment of the government of the Ivory Coast to invest in innovative construction technologies to promote sustainable and economic growth strategies.

Over several days, SEMODU representatives, including Frank Talmon l’Armee (Group-CEO), Jochen Dorner (COO), Olaf Janku (CDO), and Simone Talmon l’Armée (Head of HR), will meet with high-ranking government officials, including the Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the Minister of Construction, Housing and Urbanism. These meetings aim to lay the groundwork for a far-reaching collaboration in areas such as modular construction, training of local workers in modular methodologies, mathematical procedures, and digital technologies.

The talks are set to pave the way for SEMODU to offer comprehensive services in the implementation of modular construction methods that are revolutionary in their ability to shorten construction times, reduce costs, while also ensuring environmental compliance and sustainability. A significant part of this partnership will be the development and enhancement of the necessary infrastructure, as well as training employees on-site, to promote the sustainable development and self-sufficiency of the construction industry in the Ivory Coast.

Frank Talmon l’Armee, Group-CEO of SEMODU, expressed optimism: “These talks mark a significant step for SEMODU and the Ivory Coast. They offer us a unique opportunity to bring our expertise and sustainable construction concepts into a new, growing market that is ready to embrace innovative paths.”

In addition, SEMODU representatives will meet with local entrepreneurs and businesses to explore synergies and establish partnerships that will contribute to economic diversity and ecological prosperity in the region.

The initiative has the potential not only to transform the construction industry in the Ivory Coast but also the broader society through job creation, improved living conditions, and stimulation of local economic growth.



SEMODU AG is a leading company in modular construction, distinguished by its innovative approach to sustainable building and its commitment to quality and efficiency. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and progressive construction methods, SEMODU aims to revolutionize the construction process and make it accessible for a wider range of projects.

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