SEMODU AG has invested 360,000,000 shares in the newly founded digital company “WANDWALL PLC” in Ireland as part of a capital increase and is thus significantly pushing forward the expansion of its “Digital” division. The technology company “WANDWALL PLC” was recently founded in May this year and is now developing a building module digitized from scratch in Berlin.

In the course of it’s recent capital increase, SEMODU AG increased the company’s share capital of 270,000 euros by 810,000 euros to 1,080,000 euros. The capital increase was carried out by issuing 810,000 new no-par value registered shares with a share in the capital stock of 1.00 Euro per share. The new shares were issued without consideration at a ratio of 1 to 3 and are entitled to profits from 1 January 2021. Further participation talks with internationally networked investors in the industry will take place in the course of autumn.


With its investment in “WANDWALL PLC”, SEMODU AG wants to pave the way for digital transformation in the real estate industry worldwide. “We want to link our expertise around modular construction and sustainable energy concepts to innovative digital technologies that could be implemented into real estate projects initially across Europe,” says CEO Frank Talmon l’Armée.


In doing so, “WANDWALL plc” shows itself to be an exceptional example of cultural diversity. “We are firmly convinced that the different cultural and professional backgrounds of our employees are a key element for the success of our company. Therefore, we are not limiting our field of activity to Europe in the medium term but will also become active in Asia and North America.”



Creation of a digitized module

“Digital transformation in particular in the housing segment offers enormous potential,” says Talmon l’Armée. Already in the course of the year, a cooperation with the “Campus Founders”, an academic innovation and educational institution in the Heilbronn region, was launched to develop disruptive innovations and unconventional approaches for digital products in real estate. With the participation of the digital company “WANDWALL PLC”, innovative concepts for the integration of artificial intelligence into a digital module are to be developed. In the medium term, SEMODU AG will hold approximately 36% of the shares in the digital company.

“The first step is to develop a digital wall based on the intelligent software and blockchain technology,” says Talmon l’Armée. The goal, he says, is to unite all electronic and digital functions under one software so that individual devices, apps and applications become superfluous in everyday life and can only be controlled by a unified system. “The digital wall is intended to make the customer’s everyday life much easier and thus go far beyond the still very cumbersome use of smart home technologies today.” In addition, the entire solution will be networked with social profiles, so rooms can react to the individual user with the help of artificial intelligence and an individual user profile can be created.

The big vision here is to create a module that is digitalized from the ground up. This includes both the basic technical building block, which is invisibly incorporated into the walls from the outside and connects all rooms, as well as state-of-the-art technologies that adapt to individual preferences and restrictions and offer fully comprehensive, dematerialized solutions.


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