• New living space with close proximity to water and green areas.
  • Quarter comprises approx. 150-200 residential units.
  • Continuation of growth strategy: SEMODU AG develops portfolio of sustainable quarters.


SEMODU AG, a leading modular, technology-focused project developer for sustainable and affordable neighbourhood developments, acquires an approx. 19,500 m² plot of land in Schwerin, the culturally influenced state capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

The planned quarter is located in the up-and-coming district of Neu Zippendorf, which attracts many new residents with its flair and unique nature. Residential owners appreciate the lake landscape and the lively ambience as well as the very good transport connections to the Baltic Sea coast, Lübeck, Rostock and Hamburg. Neu Zippendorf is located in the southeast of the city, south of Schwerin Lake.

The development of a sustainable residential quarter with a total of approx. 150-200 residential units and approx. 200 parking spaces is planned to be finished by the end of 2025/2026, being built in three construction phases.

On the approximately 19,500 m² site, innovative and modular residential units are to be built in a mix of uses to meet the different housing needs of families, senior citizens and single people.

The project planning and the arrangement of the planned building structures on the site will make optimal use of it, resulting in above-average space efficiency.

“The neighborhood project will be built on a fully modular basis and is an ideal example of our successful strategic orientation. With our in-house development and construction expertise, we are opening up an attractive residential quarter for future residents with a high quality of life in a preferred environment. Furthermore, we are able to project the neighborhood development exactly to our defined sustainability standards from the very beginning, both in terms of energy efficiency and social aspects,” says Frank Talmon l’Armée, CEO of SEMODU AG.


You can find more information about SEMODU at https://semodu.com/investor-relations/

Benedict Heidbüchel, LL.M., Head of Investor Relations, SEMODU AG Phone +49 1590 1798 785, [email protected]