With the help of a unique concept based on automotive manufacturing, SEMODU AG enables the serial prefabrication of modules making affordable, sustainable, and ecologically sound living spaces quickly available, despite expensive land prices and building regulations. The SEMODU concept is essentially based on complex mathematical systems and on a branding derived from them, which runs parallel to the system development.

As a project developer SEMODU is integrated into a national and international network with architects, urban planners, energy companies and module suppliers (Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, France and soon also Finland). We are not a construction company – we see ourselves as a method provider.

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The SEMODU General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of SEMODU AG will be on Wednesday, 13 September 2023, at 2:00 p.m. (CEST), at the Urban Offices, Büchsenstraße 20 70174 Stuttgart, Germany.

You can find all documents for download here.

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Financial Calendar

Date Event ICS File
15th and 16th November 2022 MKK (Munich Capital Market Conference), Munich Add to Calendar
28th to 30th November 2022 German Equity Forum, Frankfurt Add to Calendar
December 2022 Company/roadshow presentation at SMC-Investment Bank’s premises
11th to 13th January 2023 Baader Helvea Swiss Equities Conference, Bad Ragaz Add to Calendar
May 2023 m:access Conference Real Estate Software IT
June 2023 Company/roadshow presentation at SMC-Investment Bank’s premises
18th to 22th September 2023 Baader Investment Conference, Munich Add to Calendar
September 2023 iif International Investment Forum

Past events

Date Event ICS File
30th of September 2022 Publication of interim financial statements as of June 30, 2022 Add to Calendar
19th of May 2022 General meeting Add to Calendar
25th of January 2022 Extraordinary general meeting
Datum Event
4th of August 2021 General meeting 2021
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19th of November 2020 General meeting 2020
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10th of May 2019 General meeting 2019
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23rd of March 2018 General meeting 2018

Publications & presentations

Annual report 2022 | PDF 8.2 MB
Annual report 2021 | PDF 12 MB
Annual report 2020 | PDF 10 MB
Annual report 2019 | PDF 10 MB